[875] Induction: vgl. HUME, Inqu. sct. IV f.. REID, Ess. on the Intell. Pow. VI, ch. 4 f. (Princ. d. I. ist, »that, in the phenomena of nature, what is to be, will probably be like to what has been in similar circumstances«). CHALYBAEUS, Wiss. S. 253 ff.. H. RITTER, Abr. d. ph. Log. S. 103 ff.. RABIER, Psychol. p. 319 ff.. BAIN, Log. I, 40. II, 1 ff., 49 ff.. J. VENN, Princ. of empir. or induct. Log. 1889, p. 93. SIGWART, Log. II2, 401 ff.. WINDELBAND, Lehr. vom Zuf. S. 43.

Eisler, Rudolf: Wörterbuch der philosophischen Begriffe, Band 2. Berlin 1904, S. 875.
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