Pavy, Frederick William

[1265] Pavy, Frederick William, zu London, wurde Dr. med. der Londoner Univ. 1853, LL. Dr. der Glasgower Univ. 1888, Fellow des Roy. Coll. of Phys. 1860, Fellow der Roy. Society 1863, war Lecturer der Physiol., der vergleich. Anat. und der Med. und Physician, jetzt Consulting physician am Guy's Hosp., war 1862, 63 Goulstonian Lecturer, 1886 Harveian Orator und 1878, 94 Croonian Lecturer am Roy. Coll. of Physicians und schrieb: »On the nature and tratement of diabetes« (2. ed.) – »A treatise on the function of digestion, its disorders and their treatment« (1867, 2. ed.) – »A treatise on food and dietetics, physiologically and therapeutically considered« (2. ed.) – »The physiology of the carbohydrates«; (1894) – »Researches on sugar formation in the liver« (Philos. Transact., 1861) – »Immunity of stomach from being digested by its own secretion during life« (Ib. 1863) – »Remarks on the physiological effects of strychnia and the woorali poison« (Guy's Hosp. Rep., 1856) – »Lesions of the nervous system producing diabetes« (Ib. 1859) u.s.w.

Pagel: Biographisches Lexikon hervorragender Ärzte des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Berlin, Wien 1901, Sp. 1265.